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Planetary Filters

Filters can enhance your viewing by isolating certain light wave lengths, making your subject standout more. Planetary filters can increase contrast light and dark areas on a planets surface.

Frontier Optics Pricelist 


Opotolong Venus - U


Venus-U filter makes it possible to obtain photographs, CCD or video images in the UV-A (320-400nm) and image Venus cloud structures.

Used with monochrome CCD cameras that do not have an internal UV/IR filter blocker.

Available sizes: 1.25"



Lumicon Colour Planetary Filters



Since 1975 Lumicon has manufactured some of the highest quality filters available. Combined with strong quality control, with proper care, Lumicon filters will last a lifetime.

Lumicon planetary filters will enhance subtle detail and increase contrast between dark and lighter regions of the planet observed.

Available sizes: 1.25" and 2"






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